Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Marching Link Parade

First of all, I would like to congratulate myself for being undefeated at Nats Park this year, with the Nats beating the Braves 5-3. I'm not sure of my all-time record at home Nats games, but I am positive it is above .500 (thanks to going to about 20 first-half games in 2005).

Here are your links:
-Strasburg named pitcher, player of the year (MLB)
-Brad Meyers promoted to Harrisburg (one of my favorite Nats prospects because one of my best friends goes to LMU-LA, where Meyers went-NFA)
-Keane (the band) likes the Nats (The Bog)
-Despite avoiding a fireworks fail (well, they didn't really avoid it), the Nats committed a spelling fail on Sunday (The Bog)
-All Nyjer, all the time (The Bog)
-Rizzo deserves full-time GM status (MASN)
-Zimmerman, Morgan make FanGraphs' defensive all-star team (FanGraphs)
-Kip Wells is gone for good!!! (MLBTR)

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