Monday, June 22, 2009

Inbox, Link Parade

Here's Ladson's finest, followed by the best of the blogosphere:

Do you feel Willie Harris should play every day in center field for the Nationals?
-- David P., Washington, D.C.

FJB had excellent timing with his post on Harris today. I don't think Willie needs to be penned in as the every day center fielder, but should play SOMEWHERE at least 3 out of every 4 days, whether it's LF, CF or 2B occasionally.

I consider Alberto Gonzalez as an everyday player. He has made great progress since he came from the Yankees. What do you think?
-- Yu-Hung Su, Chiayi, Taiwan

I'm not going to lie-I have a huge mancrush on 'To-Gonzo right now. I mean, the guy has 3 K's in 90 PA-we're just not used to that in DC. With a good glove, solid speed and great contact, he can be at the very worst a league-average SS. Ladson says the Nats shouldn't deal Guzman just to clear PT for Gonzo. I think they'd be just fine starting Gonzo now, but the lack of organizational depth at SS would be the reason not to trade Guz (unless you want to shift Anderson Hernandez over and split time between Harris and Belliard at 2B).

What is the status of Dmitri Young? What plans do the Nationals have for him?
-- Ed W., Dodge City, Kans.

Ladson-"I don't see where he fits in the Major League roster. The Nationals don't want to add any more veteran position players on the roster. If Nick Johnson is traded, for example, Adam Dunn most likely will play first base."

I understand that Dunn would take over at 1B, but I don't see how that would keep the Nats from bringing up Da Meat Hook if Johnson were dealt. Although Young is terrible in the field, he's still a bench bat who knows how to play 1B (Dunn can't play every day at 1B, and who else could fill in? Willingham's never played there, Belliard is a terrible 1B, etc.). If the time periods fit with Johnson being dealt and Young's timetable to be called up, I bet the Nats bring back Da Meat Hook.

I don't understand why the Nationals sent Jason Bergmann back to the Minors. Before being hit hard in his last game, Bergmann had a 3.77 ERA and getting the job done. Why is Joel Hanrahan still here after blowing so many games and losing his closer job twice?
-- Alex C., Montreal

As Ladson said, Bergmann is the only one with options. I know Hanrahan has killed us this year, but anyone who wants to DFA him is out of their mind. He is exactly the pitcher you want on a team like this-who cares if he blows games? This team is obviously not winning the World Series this year. I'm getting sick of everyone trying to run him out of town-dude's got a 3.64 FIP! This team sucks and if they want to have any chance of being good in the future, they HAVE to continue to give guys with unlucky performance but good rate stats second chances rather than crappy never-was'es like Tavarez and Wells.

His rate stats are a million times better than his performance-K/9 numbers are consistent with 2008 while BB/9 and HR/9 numbers are way down. Problem is a .431 BABIP and 66.3% strand rate, both WAYYYY off of his career numbers, even when he sucked as a starter (.341 career BABIP, 71.8% career strand rate). Hanrahan WILL improve, that's one thing I will swear by. Wells and Tavarez should be sent away before they even spend a second thinking about DFAing Hanrahan.

But back to Bergy-he should have never been sent down. I'm getting sick of the Nats treating him like a rag doll like they did with Chris Schroder in the past.


In a previous Inbox, you said coaches aren't to blame for Washington's defensive woes. If a team does not field, it is the coaching staff's fault. If manager Manny Acta isn't to blame, who is? You never seem to blame team president Stan Kasten.
-- Frank B., Washington, D.C.

This is one thing I honestly cannot comment on, as I really don't understand the SABR defensive stats. Might ask FJB to answer this one-have the Nats fielders gotten worse than their past performances at their respective positions in 2009? If so, I'd say it's on the coaching staff...if not, it's on the players like Ladson said.

How long do you think it will take for the Nationals to recover from all the bad trades and signings former general manager Jim Bowden made?
-- Mike E., Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Pretty self-explanatory question. Most of the guys are already gone. Young, Belliard and Kearns are gone after this year and Guzman (if you still count him as a Bowden mistake) next year. The only long-term mistake here is Scott Olsen. I think the biggest problem during Bowden's years was stagnation-he never really dealt the farm away. We're where we were in 2005, but not in terribly worse shape.

Why isn't the team quick to call up right-hander Tyler Clippard from Triple-A Syracuse? He seems to have the stats to support a promotion.
-- Drew K. Wilmington, N.C.


Link parade:
-Some Nats bloggers got to roll with the big boys. I got to do this at VT as a senior in high school...hopefully I can sneak in next time as well!
-Nick Piecoro (the Diamondbacks' Chico Harlan wannabe) thinks the Snakes can challenge the Nats in the Bryce Harper derby.
-The Mets started to dump their "party like it's 2003" campaign and released Wily Mo Pena (and Javier Valentin).
-Acta's still around, and Ken Rosenthal should be made fun of, says the DCist.
-Canadian fans like the Nats, Nats fans like Canadian fake umpires.
-Corey Patterson O's jersey sighting at Straight Cash Homey!
-Caps Toy Shop...definitely begged my uncle for the Jim Carey action figure when I was about 10 years old!
-Last but not least, FREE CLIPPARD!!!

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  1. Hanrahan should stick around but so should Wells and Tavarez. The current bullpen, shot through with ill luck, is about the best one you could expect when the alternatives are taken into account.

    (And I'm sorry to say that includes Bergmann, who is right where he belongs. If he can't keep the walks down and the ball in the yard, he's little help to us here.)


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