Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13-a night of endings rather than beginnings

I'm a little upset about the Caps' loss (even though I didn't see any of the game). I'm not mad at the Penguins or the referees, but instead the Caps. They simply relied on Simeon Varlamov too much-without him, there would have been no game 7, 6 or 5. The Caps (and Bruce Boudreau) have a lot of adjustments to make next year. But, as my Facebook says, the Caps have a bright future ahead and nothing to be ashamed of. The sky is the limit, and in 2010, look for them to once again compete in the playoffs.

Zimmerman's streak ended at 30 as well. Not that much of a surprise-luck and skill don't always coincide.  FJB has a ridiculously awesome, in-depth discussion of Zim being intentionally walked in the 7th inning.

And I took my last final exam of the semester, finishing my second year at Tech. We'll skip further discussion here...

I will be road-tripping from Las Vegas back to the DC area starting Saturday. Feel free to follow my new Twitter to see where I am (assuming I can figure it out):

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  1. You're probably not checking this from the Grand Canyon, but please stop by for Sx3 today...we've got quite a Fish Tale goin' on!


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