Monday, February 16, 2009

And the winner of my first real scorn of the year goes to

Odalis Perez!

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes (via MLBTR), Odalis regrets giving his verbal approval to the $850k minor league deal the Nats offered him. The kicker: he hasn't signed the deal and doesn't plan on doing so without a raise. 

Here's the key quote: "'I thought it best and I prefer to sit in my house if the Nationals do not show more appreciation for my work,' Perez said from Santo Domingo. 'Appreciate my work means to increase the value of the contract and guarantee it. I will not accept any minor league contracts with no safeguards. I instructed my agent to report my position to the Nationals,' Perez said, who also said that he's not negotiating with other clubs."

This isn't the first time Odalis felt he didn't get enough "respect" before. Per in 2006 (via MLBTR): "(Perez) stopped his O's 45's program, in which he bought 45 tickets for inner-city school children to attend his starts, after losing his starting job. He said he would not reinstate the program now that he is starting again because he felt he never got enough credit from the club or the public for his charitable contributions. 'When you spend your own money you want to be recognized for that,' Perez said. 'I don't want to be a hero, but just pay more attention to what I'm doing. People don't want to give me the recognition for it.'"

Don't bother negotiating with this piece of greedy garbage. Give his spot to one of the kids (better use anyways) and tell him that he got his recognition in 2006 and 2007 when he got paid $16.5 mil for 263 and 2/3 innings of 5.87 ERA ball. 

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  1. Don'tcha just LOVE the word "deportes"? And what's up with another Gnat named Zimmerman?


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