Monday, November 3, 2008

Big trade!

I knew JimBow would come through and get us that key pitcher!

Today the Nats acquired 2005 9th round draft pick Matt Avery from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for 2005 33rd round draft pick Ryan Buchter.

According to Chico, Avery is a Fairfax native who went to the University of Zima (now the University formerly known as the University of Zima, as Zima is no longer going to be produced). He is a servicable relief pitcher, with a 3.26 ERA and 7.91 K/9 over the last 3 years (in which he has been almost exclusively a reliever, with only 2 starts). Too bad he can't throw strikes, with a career 3.73 BB/9 (which rose to 3.89 as a reliever).

Buchter had a decent 2008 (I don't really feel like crunching his numbers), but gave up a high proportion of unearned runs (4 of his 11 runs allowed were unearned). His 2006 and 07 seasons were pretty bad.

So basically, a 25 year old AA pitcher (LeVale Speigner, anyone?) for a 22 year old A/A- pitcher (Clint Everts, anyone?). Don't really care, neither will likely make any difference in the future.

And the Chief says he isn't opposed to coming back next year.

And I'm rooting for the Skins harder that I ever have (and likely every will) for one reason. That's the closest to poltics you'll ever hear out of me ever again.

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