Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Deric Ladnier links

I know, I know, 3 posts in a day? I'm on FIRE!

As you may or may not know by now, the Nats hired Deric Ladnier as a National Crosschecker and Special Assistant to the General Manager. Ladnier seems to have been either loved or hated by most Royals fans. Nobody really knew exactly what he did it seems, so you can't take too much stock into what they said. In my opinion, he lasted a lot longer than expected, as Dayton Moore took over in 2006 and performed a pretty big overhaul, with Ladnier being one of the few holdovers. And he started in Atlanta...does anyone else find this an unexpected hiring simply because we thought Kasten had no power? Could this mean Kasten plans on staying and implementing his own guys (with a mix of Arizona guys too, I'm sure)? I certainly hope so.

Here are some links for you to get to know him:
Ladnier speaks (Today)
Nats add Ladnier to front office mix (Today)
Ladnier fired as Royals' Scouting Director (Oct 2008)
Ladnier dismissed (Oct 2008)
Royals dismiss Ladnier (Oct 2008)
Ladnier fired as scouting director (Oct 2008)
Can the Royals pull a "Tampa Bay?" (Sept 2008)
Ladnier discusses approach to draft
Q&A with Deric Ladnier (May 2007)
Prospectus Q&A with Deric Ladnier (Apr 2007, subscription required)

Still digging, might update this later. Doesn't look to be a threat to Dana Brown's job (which is good...I am a fan of Dana Brown). And don't be surprised if we make 1 or 2 trades with the Royals this offseason.


  1. Given that Kevin Towers supposedly won't return Bowden's phone calls, the Nats need all the trade partners they can rustle up.

  2. good post gives some great background info.


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