Thursday, October 30, 2008

More on Philly

Sorry, but this article was so much fun for me to read, I had to pass it along:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Many baseball fans here would not speak the "P" word in the anxious days leading up to the city's World Series title, lest they jinx the team.

But now that the Philadelphia Phillies have claimed their second championship, everyone is talking about a parade.

Hundreds of thousands of people could crowd the sidewalks on Friday to cheer the city's first national sports title in 25 years. A hundred thousand more are expected to pack the baseball and football stadiums to watch the festivities on big screens and rally with the players.

"This is a bright and shining moment," Mayor Michael Nutter said. "We're going to have a great time."

But he cautioned against the scattered vandalism that marred the postgame revelry late Wednesday and early Thursday. Police reported 76 arrests and several vandalized businesses; they are also examining photos and video of the crowds to identify and arrest additional offenders.

"You can be joyous; you cannot be a jackass," Nutter said. "That kind of idiotic, destructive behavior will not be accepted in the city of Philadelphia." 

Yeah, becuase it definitely hasn't been accepted in Philadelphia before.

This should be done to all Philly fans:

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  1. As Mr. Scribe said after that last strikeout, "So now Philly will burn to the ground." Go figure!


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