Monday, November 8, 2010

We all need to step it up

Our offseason grade so far is F; we have lost two huge pieces to retirement. As you might remember, Brian from NFA retired from blogging back in September and yesterday Steven from FJB hung up his keys, retiring from the blogging world. I am as guilty (actually, more guilty) as anyone in a lack of posting, with only 43 posts this year and none since August. What I will pledge to do, though, is step up my game in the future.

I'm never going to be an every-day blogger. I don't really have the desire to do so. There are rah-rah blogs for every team out there, and the Nats don't need another (although they do need something to cheer for!). What we need to do is strive, across the board, for more in-depth posting. Some of you are already doing your part, and I'm not saying regular posters are slacking off, but rather that we need to pick up the slack from NFA and FJB. The Natmosphere has light years ahead of the Nats in performance, and we need to keep our standards high as the team improves.

I'm excited to write my first substantial post this week as soon as the minor league free agent list is published (Matt Eddy from Baseball America said it would be posted as soon as MLB provides it to them). My challenge to the rest of the Natmosphere, even if you have been inactive like me, is to come up with a strong and informative post by the end of the month.

We've heard the same thing a million time from all perspectives concerning Adam Dunn's pending free agency. Let Dunn walk-ers, explore scenarios where the Nats offense could improve even with losing Adam Dunn. Keep Dunn at all cost-ers, try to find comparisons to Dunn that have aged well or prove to us that there is no other option on the market anywhere near his value. People bored with the Dunn story, try to play matchmaker with guys rumored to be on the trading block or write a heartfelt letter begging Cliff Lee (or whoever you want the Nats to sign) to come to Washington. Just write something original. We've lost two awesome bloggers in just over 2 months, Nats bloggers. We need to step things up.

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  1. Count me in for contributing.; i used to guest write for Brian and NFA occasionally and now have been writing about Nats, pitching and baseball in general for several months.


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