Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Inbox

The inbox is back and better than ever!

Of all the trades that were made so far this season, do you think that acquiring Nyjer Morgan was one of the best ones?
-- Bill D., Cromwell, Conn.

Out of all of the trades this year, it has helped the team the most in the short-term, but as FJB noted on Friday, it was a trade that was made for now rather than later.

Any chance the Nats will consider Adam Dunn as part of the long-term solution at first base?
-- Travis M., Alexandria, Va.

Consider? Yes. Seriously consider? I doubt it. I think that if Willingham plays 1B in Spring Training, he'll learn it well enough to be at least league average, which would be a huge upgrade over Adam Dunn at 1B.

Do you think Mike MacDougal and Ronnie Belliard will be back? At the very least, MacDougal could bridge the gap between Drew Storen, and every team needs a versatile pro like Belliard.
-- Dave F., Seaford, Del.

Gut guess: MacDougal-yes and Belliard-no. As Ladson said, Belliard is a big waiver trade candidate over the next month or so. I expect him to go (and will be surprised if he doesn't). MacDougal is interesting becuase he's still under team control for 2 more years. They'll keep him around and try to trade him next year at the deadline I bet.

What are the chances that we see Storen in a Washington uniform this September?
-- Xavier N., Houston

I doubt it. There's no reason to rush him, start his service time, spend a 40-man spot, etc. No need making the Ross Detwiler mistake twice, even though it wasn't really a big deal.

Recent trade rumors about Cristian Guzman and other players have me wondering: When do the Nats trade for some bats? I understand the need for solid pitching, but there were stretches of the season in which the offense was totally dormant.

-- Luke H., Prince Frederick, Md.

I don't see where an upgrade is sorely needed. Dukes, Dunn, Guzman, Morgan, Willingham and Zimmerman are all league-average or better with the bat and Jesus Flores will be solid next year behind the dish. I'm happy with those 7's bats and an all-glove, no-hit 2B in my lineup any day.

Guzman has lost a step defensively. Any chance the Nationals can move Guzman to second base next year and sign a shortstop?
-- Rich R., Slingerlands, N.Y.

This idea has been shut down too many times for me to believe it's possible, but I don't see what the risk of trying something like this in Spring Training for a couple of games is.

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  1. Mr. Fairway thinks that the Gnats will trade Josh Willingham in the off-season. He also thinks Adam Dunn is a big "dud," based on his recent KO performance. Your thoughts?


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